Got questions? We have answers.

Got questions? We have answers.

Why choose our clinic?

We uphold a high standard of service, putting into account both professional and artistic points to provide the best solution for our patients. Our customized and personal approach differs us from the rest. We put patient wishes and satisfaction as our priority. Our appointment based system allows us to allocate ample time to assess and discuss thoroughly the cases with minimal waiting time. And last but not least, the treatment we provide is a result of a teamwork of dentists, so a holistic approach for the price of one.

What are the payment options?

We do accept Visa and MasterCard debit/credit cards besides cash. PayPal and direct bank transfer is also acceptable (please keep in mind full amount will need to be received by us after any fees that may incur).

Can you use our insurance at your clinic?

Should your insurance policy include dental care, we would be happy to help you fill out claim forms and dental reports so you can process your insurance claim. Please confirm with your insurance company the types of treatment that are covered and the documents necessary to process your claim form to prevent any delays.

I am not familiar with Bali. Can you help me get to your clinic?

You can easily find us on Google Maps by searching the name of our clinic. We are located in North Kuta, several kilometres from where Kuta Beach. We do provide free transportation to and from our clinic depending on where you are located (subject to availability during the time of visit).

What are dental implants? It sounds scary, especially the term "bone graft" gives me the chills!

A dental implant is an item used to restore missing teeth. It is placed inside your jawbone to act as a foundation for a crown or a denture. It is made from titanium, so very strong and resilient.
The procedure itself is relatively simple and pain free, done in 15-20 minutes under local anesthetics. Easily put, it is like having a piercing done but with anesthetics. The bone graft is a powder or putty like material that we place around the implant to fill in the gaps during treatment, like a patch. Conventional implants will need 3-6 months healing period for the bone to completely ‘hug’ the implant. However there are other types of implants and systems that can speed up treatment time.

What are veneers, crowns, bridges? They all sound confusing.

Veneers are either composite or porcelain covers placed on the front side of teeth to change color and modify slightly the angle/position of teeth.
Crowns has the same the same principle but it covers the whole surface of the tooth, suitable for teeth with extensive damage or those requiring major makeovers.
Bridges are basically crowns that are joined together, usually used to restore missing teeth if implants are not used or conditions where single crowns would not be suitable.
In all the above, your teeth will prepared/reduced to provide the space for the veneer/crown/bridge. Same principle as changing the original casing of your phone with a brand new improved casing.

My teeth looks yellow and stained. I want to whiten them!

Whitening is another treatment option to brighten up your smile. In-office whitening is a 2 hour procedure for an relatively instant change to get you ready for that special event. The final result will all depend on the initial state of your teeth as each type of teeth whiten differently.